I knew from early on in the research project in my master’s degree that academia was not for me and I had become aware of the importance of patents from a tech transfer project, so training to become a patent attorney was always on my radar.

Why Patent Law?

I wanted to get into patent law for two main reasons: the first reason was that, a career in research didn’t appeal to me – I still wanted to be at the forefront of innovation and to make use of the specific technical knowledge that I had gained from my degree; the second reason was that, while completing my final year undergraduate project with an SME, I was able to discuss the needs of businesses to secure IP their rights with one of the products managers – this really interested me.

My journey to becoming a Trainee Patent Attorney:
As a child I always loved science (or at least what I understood science to be back then) and I always wanted to go further than what the curriculum taught (I was that annoying student who always asked questions).

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